Pro-Box Pro Quick Assembly Free Standing Club Ring

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*NEW* PRO Free Standing Boxing Ring – with floor mats.

PRO-BOX are excited to bring you our NEW completely free standing boxing ring.

With inspiration taken from the Rio Olympics, this boxing ring is designed to sit on your existing floor without the need for any floor fixings to secure it.

For safety the ropes come supplied with extra long rope tensioners giving approx 18 inches from the the fight area to the edge of the ring.

For added protection the ring is also supplied with foam padding for each of the top horizontal bars of the frame.

Look no further if you’re after the ULTIMATE free standing ring for the next generation of OLYMPIC BOXERS AND CHAMPIONS.


Available in three sizes:

13ft with a 10ft fight area (with 16 mats)

15ft with a 12ft fight area (with 25 mats)

17ft with a 14ft fight area (with 36 mats)

Assembly time (2 people): Approx 25 mins



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