Ringside Elite Air Pads


Ringside UK Impact Air Pads

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Our new and improved revolutionary air pad. Designed to absorb the hardest shots whilst protecting both the wearer and the puncher.

Constructed with premium quality leather and resilient double stitched seams, these pads provide superior levels of comfort and durability. Precise control is attributed to the moulded centre palm ball and adjustable fastening strap. Multi-layered foam layers allow for high levels of shock absorption, which along with the concave centre target area, lead to unparalleled comfort, protection and power diffusion.

– Premium Quality Leather Construction

– Shock Absorbing Concave Target Area

– Red Metallic Leather Side-panels

– Moulded Palm Ball for Precise Movement Control

– Adjustable Strap for Secure Handling

– Dedicated Padding for Finger Protection



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