Sting Viper Training Body Protector


Sting Viper Training Body Protector

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Utilising the finest manufacturing methods and build materials like high-density performance micro-leather, coupled with effective and intuitive designs, the Sting Viper Training Body Protector is here to help you train harder for longer.

Sting’s VIPER TRAINING BODY PROTECTOR has been designed to take each and every blow thrown its way with only the utmost strength and grace. The Viper Training Body Protector’s Quad Core build provides superior weight distribution and balanced shock absorption capabilities, allowing fighters to keep their stance steady both in and out of the ring. Air pocket strike areas also assist in effectively dissipating strike energy.

The slim line construction and lightweight made of Viper Training Body Protector have been specifically designed and tested by Sting product engineers to provide superior comfort and protection for the wearer. Simply put, the Viper Training Body Protector has been designed to keep you training and sparring without having to sacrifice your range of motion and other athletic capabilities.

Train with your own Sting Viper Training Body Protector today to keep you at the top of your game.


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