AIBA Pro Pack



AIBA Approved Pro Pack contains the allocated amount of tape and gauze to meet AIBA Competition & Technical Rules . Each pack contains 2 rolls of 10m gauze for base layer , 2 rolls of 15m gauze to produce knuckle pads, 2 rolls of empire pro tape 2.5cm wide x 13m to produce the perfect handwrap plus a roll of 1.25cm x 13m roll of empire pro tape to secure the knuckle pad and to separate fingers and aid support! The total hand protection package in one box!
2 x PRO TAPE 2.5cm x 13m
1 x PRO TAPE 1.25cm x 13m
2 x PRO GAUZE 5cm x 10m
2 x PRO GAUZE 5cm x 15m

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