Century Torrent T2 Freestanding Punch Bag


Century Torrent T2 Freestanding Punch Bag

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Century Torrent T2 Freestanding Bag

Train hard with the Torrent T2 Pro!

The T2 was made with innovative product features, like a two-part stem and hook-and-loop tension lock that attaches the cover of the bag to the base, to give a more realistic feel when struck.

Great for all styles of martial arts including Kickboxing, Boxing, Taekwondo and Muay Thai

Suitable for a variety of striking techniques like kicks, knees, punches and elbows


  • Century’s strongest ever freestanding punch bag
  • Non-wrinkle fabric
  • New style base allows the bag to bend when struck, as opposed to tipping over
  • Dimensions: 18″ DIA (top) 24″ DIA (base) Approx. 250 lbs when filled. 67″ Tall

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