Fairtex Punchbag Filler 20kg Sack


Fairtex Punchbag Filler 20kg Sack


FILL-20 Punchbag Filler 20kg Sack

Finely shredded cotton fibres that compress well to provide an even fill consistency. Cotton filling provides a great realistic feel (unlike sand) whilst also maintaining a good overall weight.

Perfect for filling an un-filled punch bag.

Ideal for using to top up existing bags where the filler has sunk down leaving the top empty.

Sold in 20 kg sacks.

May vary in appearance from picture.

We buy in filler to order, so please contact us and let us know how many you require and we’ll give you an estimated delivery date and total price.


  • Finely shredded cotton fibres
  • Compresses evenly
  • Provides realistic feel
  • Ideal for topping up existing bags

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