Seca 813 Electronic Flat Scale


Seca 869 Electronic Flat Scale

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Seca 813

Electronic flat scales with very high capacity.

Electronic flat scales with very high bearing capacity of up to 200 kilograms.

Because increasing numbers of people weigh more, there are these scales that easily hold up to 200 kilograms on their extra wide platform. The tough rubber coating takes the heaviest challenges lightly and the flat construction makes stepping on very easy.

Technical Data

Capacity:440 lbs, 200 kg
Graduation (g):100 g / 0,2 lbs / 0,2 lbs
Power supply:Battery
Measure (W x H x D):433 x 47 x 373 mm , 17 x 1,9 x 14,7 inch
Net weight:2,9 kg , 6,3 lbs
Functions and Properties:Auto-HOLD, Step-Off, kg/lbs/sts switch-over, Tap-on automatic switch-on, Automatic switch-off



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