Sting Titan Neo Gel Focus Mitt


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The ultimate heavy-duty training essential, Sting’s Titan Neo Gel Focus Mitts are a must-have for all the most fearsome fighters out there who seek to perfect their precision training. Built with a high-performance T3 leather outer layer for optimal strengthprotection, and performance, as well as Neo Gel inserts for reduced fatigue, virtually every design element of the Titan Neo Gel Focus Mitt has been selected to keep you training harder for longer.

Fighters can enjoy Sting’s Hi Flow Core system with added Gel Fusion technology when training with the Titan Neo Gel Focus Mitt, for even weight distribution and superior shock absorption. Simply put, this focus mitt is sure to hold up to even the most barbaric blows.

The Titan Neo Gel Focus Mitts’ integrated HD cups and hook and loop wrist straps work to keep hands and wrists in a secure position and with reduced risks of experiencing joint stress.


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